ICON XT – from R13,900

The IMAGINE Icon XT is the ideal family board. Wide and stable with tons of volume, the Icon excels in all conditions. The most stable and versatile all-round planing hull on the market that surfs like a performance board. Take it for a paddle around the lagoon or surf your favourite secret spot now you have the right board to get you in the water in all conditions.

Dave Kalama is the head paddleboard designer at IMAGINESURF. The IMAGINE ICON embodies Kalama performance in every detail.

DIMENSIONS - 11' x 34" 206 LTR / 10'2" x 32' 169 LTR / 9'6" x 31 149 LTR

IMPACT – from R12,900

Designed by DAVE KALAMA the IMAGINE Impact CC family of boards was born of the desire to take SUP surfing to new levels of performance. Precise rocker, outline and volume distribution make the Impact line a game changer.  The Impact range is built in Cape Town and can be constructed as a carbon or glass composite.

Dave Kalama is the head paddleboard designer at IMAGINESURF. The IMAGINE IMPACT embodies Kalama performance in every detail.


  • 7'10" x 27.5" 82 LTR
  • 8'4" x 27.5" 102 LTR
  • 9'0" x 28" 118 LTR
  • 9'8" x 29" 131 LTR

STARBOARD 2017 – 9’5″ x 32″ WIDE POINT STARSHOT BLUE – from R15,997

The 2017 Starboard Wide Point Starshot Stand Up Paddle Board is a timeless and trusted partner that handles all types of conditions. The extra stable 32″ width makes surf sessions last longer. The new Pro inspired outlines and progressive bottom shapes makes for fast and reactive surfing. The Wide Point has a versatile range for big to small conditions, entry to intermediate to advanced riders and targets Riders up to 100 kg.

  • 9’5″ length handles bigger surf and offers tighter and faster turning for riders up to 100kg.
  • Pulled in nose for dealing with hollower sections.
  • Easy access to fun and performance for a range of weights and conditions.
  • Available in Blue Carbon, Pine Tek, Starlite and Starshot technologies.
  • Bottom shape: “Continuous mono-concave to V tail”
  • Fine rails forward for smooth entry acceleration with mono-concave bottom shape to V off the tail for lift, speed and agility.
  • Thruster configuration and tail kick for smooth on rail carving and aggressive cutbacks.

DIMENSIONS - 9’5” x 32" 153 LTR - Contact us for a formal quote.


Based on the same technology as their popular plastic kayak range LEGEND Kayaks are now making their first polyethylene (plastic) rotary-moulded SUP the KANALOA. Rotary-moulded technology allows manufacturers to make durable products at a reasonable cost.

The KANALOA SUP from LEGEND Kayaks is a great stable all-purpose board. At home in the rivers, dams and bays this tough SUP is a great family board.

DIMENSIONS: 345 cm x 81cm X 13cm with a capacity of 105kg and weighing 20kg.

IMPACT Custom Carbon 8’4″ Demo – R16,500

Designed by Dave Kalama the Impact family of boards was born from the desire of taking wave SUP surfing to new levels of performance. These boards are not merely scaled up designs handed down from prone surfing, but dedicated SUP shapes to help push the limits of SUP surfing.

Short board style for good Surfers ranging in the 150 – 200 lbs range that are looking for a board that is small, loose and fast. The 8’4” has lots of progressive rocker and swept outline so it fits into tight pockets and turns on rail off the back or front foot. The 8’4” is best suited to waves with some power to truly unleash its potential but will work at your local break .

DIMENSIONS - 8’4” x 28 1/4” 102 LTR

CROSSOVER WC 12′ Demo – R19,900

IMPACT SURF are selling a CROSSOVER WC 12’ x 31” 205 LTR DEMO.  This board is still in great condition and is truly as great as IMAGINE claim it to be.



CONNECTOR CC – from R22,900

Designed by DAVE KALAMA the pioneer of downwind SUP the CONNECTOR is an incredible downwind board with great flow and glide. The CONNECTOR's progressive nose rocker, parallel touring style outline and ample width allows you to take on and have fun in all water and weather conditions. Take it on your regular downwind run or use it to explore the coastline. Whether it’s for an afternoon cruise, multi-day expedition, or to connect the bumps to see how far they take you, the Connector is confidence inspiring performance in every detail.

DIMENSIONS - 14’ x 27” 260 LTR / 14’ x 29.5” 284 LTR



The one board quiver is here! Inspired by the idea that one board truly can do it all. The CROSSOVER features a clean sweeping V-Bow that cuts effortlessly through the water, before running into a subtle concave center section and shallow V-Tail. This translates into the perfect compromise of flat water paddling efficiency and surf inspired capability.

The Wood Composite range combines the aesthetic beauty of natural wood layers with the lightweight durability of reinforcing glass layers.

DIMENSIONS - 12’ x 31” 205 LTR / 11’ x 30” 176 LTR / 10’6” x 30” 167 LTR