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KANALA SUP Impact Surf would like to announce that we are now bringing you the locally made plastic SUP the KANALOA from LEGEND Kayaks.

Based on the same technology as their popular plastic kayak range LEGEND Kayaks are now making their first polyethylene (plastic) rotary-moulded SUP the KANALOA. Rotary-moulded technology allows manufacturers to make durable products at a reasonable cost.

The KANALOA SUP from LEGEND Kayaks is a great stable all-purpose board. At home in the rivers, dams and bays this tough SUP is a great family board.

The KANALOAs dimensions according to LEGEND are 345 cm x 81cm X 13cm with a capacity of 105kg and weighing 20kg.

The KANALOA has a soft bungee cord mounded on the deck for securing a dry-bag or other cargo. It also has two sealed deck compartments for smaller items. A number of securing fittings have been mounted on the deck for additional options. Being slightly heavier the KANALOA SUP also has two well placed handles on the nose and tail to help with transportation to and from the water’s edge.

Polyethylene SUP in Cape Town

Performance wise plastic paddleboards will always be outperformed by their “epoxy” counter parts. Epoxy SUPs are more maneuverable, faster and have better paddling efficiency. Polyethylene SUPs do, however, have a couple of advantages in that they are much tougher and cheaper. This simple fact makes them ideal entry level boards. Impervious to rocks, barnacles, kelp and the odd paddle strike this tough SUP is a fantastic family or entry level board.